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Dog-O-Tel - The dog boarding kennels on the Costa Blanca, conveniently located just off the AP7 at Catral, between Torrevieja and Alicante.

Staff Introductions..

Lucky- Entertainment Manager

Hey Pooches..(and their humans too)
My name's Lucky and I'm the Entertainment Manager here at the Dog-O-Tel. I'm the current frisbee catching champion and I also lead the monthly karaoke competition (normally around the time of the full moon). I sneaked in here a couple of years ago (I was only a pup then) and snuggled down with the Security Guard (who was actually asleep on duty, I might add).

Anyhoo..Dave & Cathy let me stay on. Now then, about Christmas time, they started taking in guests. You wanna see the babes that have turned up here since..there was even one from a place called 'Afgan'..bit out of my league, but what a looker!
Even the 2 guys with the German accents that wear the cool looking face masks were impressed and it takes a lot to impress them. Rocky told me they were Special Forces.

We get the energetic types here who want to do the aerobics mound, but we also had a couple of old ladies from Staffordshire, who just wanted to eat food and sit in the sun. This place is a goldmine for toys and stuff like that. I even found a rubber beer can that squeaks the other day so I thought that I should look after it in case someone stole it.

Anyway, gotta sign off as it's karaoke time. Erhemm, I might even give them a bit of Elvis tonight........."you ain't nothin' but a hound dog"...

Rocky - Security Guard

Hi, my name is Rocky. Ex-Army and semi-retired. If your name ain't on the list..you AIN'T comin' in. I've seen action all over and now I've wound up with a cushy billet, 3 squares a day and my own cot..AND plenty of toys to play with (except for a few that have gone missing just lately).

Dave & Cathy bought me a rubber beer can that squeaks, that's gone-a-wandering, so there must be a thief around here somewhere. I have my suspicions...

Anyway, if you're thinking of ditching the 'masters' and coming here for a holiday, then you're in safe hands. I am constantly on the alert - like a coiled spring. Sorry, need to pop off for my Siesta now (let's hope Lucky's singing doesn't keep me awake)..

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